Our firm specialises in the following case types:
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts
  • pre-litigation procedure in the area of civil law claims
  • seeking redress before public courts
  • post-accident proceedings:
    • compensation for damage caused by transport accidents
    • property damage (damage to the vehicle) and non-material damage (the so-called. "injury to the person")
    • compensation for the death of the nearest person in transport accident
    • compensation for damages following medical error
  • defense of the accused in criminal proceedings for an indictable offence
  • legal representation of harmed persons in criminal proceedings
  • vindication of indemnity claims in criminal proceedings
  • initiating private accusation proceedings
  • moving for indemnity claims for wrongful conviction or conditions of imprisonment
  • maintenance matters
  • guardianship matters
  • enforcement of contacts before the Polish courts and before the courts of the European Union
  • divorce and separation cases, also in the case of marriages concluded outside of Poland
  • ​petition for confirmation of acquisition of inheritance
  • amicable and judicial distributions of the inheritance
  • all claims in connection with the employment relationship
  • compensation claims in respect of accidents at work paid to employees by employers
  • one-off compensations from Social Insurance Company (ZUS) in respect of accidents at work
  • pensions from Social Insurance Company (ZUS) and the so-called "compensatory benefits”
  • employment of staff in Poland and in the European Union countries
  • consultancy and training in occupational health and safety
Our law firm provides legal services in the scope of the current functioning of enterprises and commercial law companies; and, in particular, supports in the process of:
  • establishment of companies and their branches,
  • registration in the National Court Register and filing other registration authorities such as Social Insurance Company (ZUS), Tax and Statistical Offices,
  • drawing up of contracts and corporate acts,
  • consultancy in concluding commercial contracts.
​Our law firm represents clients in pre-litigation procedures, mediation and court hearing and in enforcement proceedings.
Our law firm represents clients in law actions for repairing the damage in the aftermath of the failures associated with the process of treatment such as medical errors and hospital infections.
Our law firm represents clients at all stages of the proceedings to redress the damages which are the consequence of the traffic accident.

Liquidation of damage can rely on extrajudicial mediation with the insurers of the perpetrators of incidents and traffic accidents, as well as on representation in lawsuits - both civil and criminal ones.
Workers who succumbed to accidents at work can claim from the Social Insurance Company and the employer or its insurer, compensation for the incurred material losses-including the reduction of income-and compensation for pain and suffering. Our law firm represents employees in order to determine that the event was an accident at work; in matters of pensions and compensation, as well as in mediation and judicial proceedings aimed at the liquidation of all losses which are the consequence of an accident at work.
Pay for work together with supplement for overtime is entitled to all employees who provide work over the pertinent working time regulations. Work carried out beyond the employee’s normal working hours, as well as work exceeding daily working time resulting from the current system and working time schedule, is considered to be overtime. One should note that employment in task-oriented system of working time does not deprive the employee of the right to remuneration for working overtime.
Air damages are a consequence of flight cancellation; flight delay; loss, damage or delay of baggage, and accepting more reservations than there are seats available (overbooking).
Our law firm represents Clients in proceedings before The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. This procedure makes it possible to repair the harm caused in the wake of the violations of human rights as provided for in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
Our law firm provides legal assistance to kindergartens, schools- from the basic level to the upper secondary one - and to other educational institutions. We provide support in the process of drafting and updating of the statutes and regulations; implementation of the requirements of the Act on personal data protection; write letters and offer legal representation, inter alia, in the following matters:
  • occupational,
  • subject to provisions of the Act on proceedings in juvenile cases,
  • furthering emergency events and accidents involving children.
Our law firm provides legal assistance to adapt the standards of the economic activity maintained by our customers to the requirements laid down by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection. In particular, we prepare the safety policy statement, instruction, plan of audits, the necessary records and authorisations, and provide training to employees.


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